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Debtor Creditor Attorney



Few businesses can remain solvent and maintain operations without a constant and continuous stream of income. Receiving prompt payment and collecting on accounts receivables help to preserve the precarious balance between doing business for a profit and operating at a loss.


While money does not – “literally”- make the world go around, its absence can reek havoc on your "bottom line" and turn your business and/or personal life upside down. Alas, money does not grow on trees.


The Gibbs Law Firm, LLC, a Rockville debt collection law firm, understands that businesses and individuals can ill afford to provide goods and services without receiving timely payment. GLF will provide your business with a skilled debt collection lawyer who will work diligently to aid your business with debt recovery in the most time sensitive, cost effective manner practicable.  In circumstances, where money judgments are ordered by the court, GLF assists clients in enforcing judgments to convert court mandates into cash. We provide businesses with debt collection services so that they can continue to do what they do best. Contact a skilled debt collection attorney at The Gibbs Law Firm, LLC to assist your organization collect on your accounts.


During these difficult economic times, faced with rising debts and shrinking income, more and more individuals are finding that they must pay closer attention to how they manage their finances. As a result, knowing and understanding your rights has taken on added significance.


If you are facing financial difficulties, debt collectors are calling, you are facing a lawsuit and possible judgment, or your accounts are in collections, don't is the time to seek the advice of an attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.


There are options to explore to help ensure your personal welfare and that of your family. You don't need to face these issues alone, seek the assistance you need. 

Debtor Creditor law firm

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (the "Act") primarily applies to third-party debt collectors; it was not intended to cover the conduct of the original creditor. However, some states have enacted consumer-protection statutes that provide broader coverage than the Act, which may include the conduct of the original creditor. The Act also prohibits debt collectors from engaging in the following activities: (a) behavior that harasses or annoys debtors; or (b) threatening debtors with arrest or legal action unless litigation is actually contemplated. Additionally, the Act requires that in the debt collector's first communication with the debtor, the debt collector notify the debtor of their ability to challenge the validity of the debt and provide other basic information including the debtor's right to ask the collection agency to "validate"the debt within a specified amount of time. 

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