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The Gibbs Law Firm, LLC (GLF), a Montgomery County, Maryland law firm, located in Rockville offers a myriad of services to our clients throughout Maryland and Washington, DC. A few major practice areas are listed below for your convenience, however, the list is not exhaustive. Please review the summaries below to find out more information about how we can be of service to you and your organization. If your issue is not addressed by the practice areas below, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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General Counsel Services

​We offer our business clients a program that is tailored to their particular needs. These services are specifically designed for small to mid-size business clients providing ongoing legal representation, advice and counsel 

comparable to in-house counsel at a fraction of the cost. This service allows businesses to maintain legal compliance and enjoy legal protection in a cost effective manner.  



Business Law

GLF, provides businesses with the representation, advice and counsel necessary to make prudent and informed decisions regarding the needs and direction of the organization. It should come as no surprise that the growth and development of most businesses, at one stage or another, invariably involves important legal considerations and issues. We offer our clients a full range of legal services necessary to address their business reality.


Civil Litigation

GLF has extensive experience in both civil and criminal litigation. During our existence, we have amassed vast trial experience in simple and complex legal matters. The Firm prides itself in leveraging this trial wisdom and skill, developed and hone over the years, to best serve our clients' needs. Whether you are an individual or a business involved in litigation, our team is available to support you in getting the results necessary to advance your goals and objectives.


Debtor/Creditor Law


GLF provides assistance in collections matters. We aid debtors in obtaining the best resolution available through skillfull negotiation or if necessary litigation.


We assist creditors in collecting payment on outstanding debts. As a business, receiving a steady stream of revenue is an essential component to the continued viability.  


Government Contracting

​The Gibbs Law Firm, LLC, assists government contracting companies achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in the federal, state and local government arenas with comprehensive representation, advice and counsel customized to fit your organizational needs. From representation in transactional matters to litigation, and everything in between, we can provide the legal support you need to get to the next level.​


Employment Law

GLF assists both employers and HR Professionals understand and navigate the nuances and complexities of employment and labor laws at the federal, state and local levels, allowing them to make sound and informed decisions in the context of the employer/employee relationship.


Contact our firm to speak with an employment attorney about your issue.


Real Estate

The law has long recognized that all real estate is unique. As a result, GLF has adopted an individualized approach to assisting its clients in dealing with real estate. From commercial to residential property, GLF provides a full range of services relating to every aspect of transactional and litigation matters involving land. Let an experienced real estate attorney assist you with your matter.



Technology Law

Technology and the rights, titles and interests associated with these advancements, are governed by a complex  body of law that is constantly evolving. GLF provides legal assistance with the innovations and inventions produced by and for its clients. 



Are you or someone you know in need of a DUI/DWI Attorney! The Firm helps clients facing DUI/DWI charges in the state of Maryland and DC develop and assert a proper defense, protect and preserve their rights, and promote their interests in an effort to achieve the most favorable outcome possible under the facts and circumstances of their respective case(s).



Construction Law
Construction Litigation

The construction business is a high stakes, intensely regulated industry that requires parties, often with competing rights and interests, to work together towards the common goal and objective of completing a construction project; 

presenting significant and unique challenges for all involved.  GLF has the experience and expertise to assist construction clients successfully navigate this complex network of relationship and transactions, while protecting their rights and interests. 


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Serving businesses and individuals throughout Washington D.C. and the State of Maryland, including in Montgomery County, Prince George's County, Charles County, Howard County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and Anne Arundel County.

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