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Maryland and DC Intellectual Property Attorney



Any commercially exploitable “brainchild” of a person or business entity, commonly known and referred to in the law as “intellectual property”, can be among their most highly prized assets. Indeed, the more creative and innovative the intellectual property is and/or the greater the competitive edge or strategic advantage the intellectual property affords you and/or your organization over rival businesses and individuals (or conversely, the more detrimental it would be to have any competitor know about, have or use your intellectual property for their own gain or benefit), the more important it is to maintain secrecy and confidentiality about and surrounding it; jealously safeguarding and protecting its use in order to help ensure the success, growth and longevity of your enterprise or endeavor.

GLF's intellectual property practice provides a variety of services to our clients that promote, protect and preserve your intellectual property rights and interests through proactive solutions including, without limitation, contractual safeguards and protections, copyright and trademark registration and enforcement (e.g., injunctive relief) and litigation. We also provide legal counsel and guidance in strategic negotiations and regarding joint ventures and teaming arrangements as well as other business and commercial dealings and transactions. Additionally, GLF provides our clients with guidance and representation relative to trade secret protection and enforcement including trademark and copyright infringement litigation.  

Situated along the I-270 Technology Corridor, GLF is ideally located just outside of the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, less than an hour southwest of Maryland’s largest city, Baltimore.


We provide businesses and individuals with the legal guidance and protections needed to safely and confidently use and enjoy the benefits of their intellectual property, understand, appreciate, realize and safeguard its value and navigate the laws that govern and regulate its use and protection. 

The Gibbs Law Firm, LLC has a intellectual property attorney to assist you with your business needs. Contact GLF today.

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