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civil litigation attorney


Civil Litigation is often not the first option considered for dispute resolution from a cost/benefit analysis prospective.  Cost, expense, time, and unpredictability all weigh heavily against trial as a preference where good faith negotiations and settlement are a viable alternative.  Sometimes, however, the parties' respective positions are so divergent that fruitful negotiations are not possible.  In those instances, litigation becomes not only the first choice, but the only choice.


Where possible, however, GLF will thoroughly examine each case to ensure that the best options for our clients are fully explored. If suitable opportunities for resolution through mediation, arbitration, or informal settlement negotiations exists, every effort will be made to avail ourselves of that option.             

We will work aggressively and diligently on behalf of our clients, employing a comprehensive, practical approach in obtaining the most favorable results possible for our clients under the facts and circumstances of each respective case.  Our goal is to protect our clients’ rights in the most cost-effective way, positioning each case for trial or settlement, in accordance with the best interests of our clients.


The Gibbs Law Firm, LLC boasts an enviable degree of knowledge and experience in the area of litigation.  The Firm prides itself in leveraging the trial wisdom and skill, developed and hone over the years, to best serve its clients should the need for trial arise.


The Gibbs Law Firm, LLC has the right civil trial attorney to assist you with your legal needs. Contact us today.


Rockville Civil Litigation Lawyer

Maryland Civil Litigation Attorney

The Gibbs Law Firm, LLC, a Rockville based firm, offers advice, counsel and representation to both individuals and businesses in Maryland and DC on a full spectrum of  civil litigation matters...

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