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General Counsel Services


The Gibbs Law Firm, LLC provides in-house counsel services to small and mid-size businesses in Washington, DC and Maryland with an integrated approach, merging best business practices with legal compliance and representation. We partner with each client to develop strategies to increase the stability, enhance sustainable growth and promote longevity for future business success. Our services are designed to increase your company's competitive edge within the marketplace.

Remember:  Every business should have competent legal counsel available to answer questions and inform company decision making in order to avoid potential hazards and promote overall organizational success.

  • Litigation

  • Contract law

  • Small business

  • Strategic planning

  • Business development & marketing

  • Intellectual property protection

  • Daily business operations

  • Negotiations

  • Agreements

    • Non-compete

    • Employment

    • Nondisclosure

  • HR Compliance

  • Real estate purchases, leases and developments

  • Debt Collection

GLF's general counsel services allow small to mid-size companies to remain competitive in today's business environment by having trusted legal advisors to assist them navigate compliance issues and develop strategies specific to their organizational structure. Contact the firm today at 240.403.4071 to find out how to access this service for your organization.



General Counsel services in Maryland

Highlighted Service

The Gibbs Law Firm offers legal counsel and representation to employers regarding a broad range of employment and labor related issues.  The Firm assists employers in establishing written policies and procedures, negotiating, drafting, and reviewing employment documents, and counseling and advising employers regarding local, state and federal employment and labor law requirements in an effort to protect them against the prospect of litigation.  The firm further seeks to keep its clients abreast of up to date information regarding hot button issues of the day and provide reliable legal counsel regarding the best approaches and solutions for common and less frequently encountered employment issues and/or problems. In its representation, the firm works diligently to support and advise its clients in a myriad of situations relating to contractual rights, wage and hour issues, wage and payment collection, unemployment claims, and employment discrimination. 

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