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DUI/DWI attorney in Maryland and DC


Are you in need of a DUI/DWI Attorney?

Serious traffic violations, such as driving under the influence or driving while impaired (more widely known as drunk driving) are perhaps the most common criminal offenses for which many otherwise law abiding citizens will ever be accused. Whether resulting from an intense night of partying with friends, a relatively short drive home after drinks at a social gathering or networking event, or even a couple of drinks over dinner at a local restaurant, the consequences for being ticketed and/or arrested for DUI/DWI can be quite devastating for the average citizen.


For starters, both DUI and DWI offenses expose drivers to significant jail time. A maximum penalty of one (1) year of incarceration can be imposed for driving under the influence with the possibility of enhanced penalties when a driver has subsequent offenses. A maximum penalty of two months of incarceration may be imposed for the less serious offense of driving while impaired, with the same potential for penalty enhancement where the driver is a repeat offender; consequences which if imposed could jeopardize most job situations especially, those requiring security clearances.


Furthermore, there is a substantial financial impact that accompanies a conviction for DUI or DWI including hefty fines that can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars; not to mention, the increased insurance premiums that will likely add thousands of dollars to your costs over the years. In fact, the costs of a typical DUI can be around $10,000.


Last, but certainly not least, there are often harsh administrative sanctions associated with DUI/DWI convictions, consisting of an assessment of points ranging from 8 to 12; resulting in the suspension or revocation of your license.  



Can I refuse to submit to a breathalyzer? Yes, but if you do the officer is required to take your driver's license and issue an order of suspension

With the potential of an adverse impact on your employment, finances, and personal liberty hanging in the balance, you are encouraged to immediately contact The Gibbs Law Firm, LLC after being ticketed or arrested for DUI/DWI in order to preserve your rights and obtain the best outcome possible in light of the specific facts and circumstances of your case. Call a DUI/DWI attorney licensed in Maryland and/or DC at 240.403.4071.

Serving individuals facing DUI/DWI charges in Maryland and DC, more specifically, Montgomery County, Prince George's County, St. Mary's County, Charles County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Calvert County, Frederick County, Carroll County and the District of Columbia (DC).

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