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Maryland and DC technology litigation attorney


The development, acquisition, ownership, license and exploitation (e.g., sale, licensing, purchase and/or use) of technology, in some form or another, has increasingly become an integral part of modern business and commerce. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that technology, and the rights, titles and interests associated with such advancements, are governed by a complex and intricate body of law that is constantly evolving to try and keep pace with the innovations and inventions, which are regulated by and through them. Consequently, businesses and individuals, who create, buy, sale, license, use and otherwise have any involvement with technology must understand and act in accordance with such laws in order to promote, protect, preserve and maintain their respective rights and interests.


In representing its clients, GLF endeavors to protect their interests and rights through skillful negotiations, meticulous contract review, competent and artful contract drafting (designed to mitigate risk and provide maximum benefit, value and protection) as well as zealous trial advocacy. Consider contacting GLF to have an experienced business attorney assist you with your technology law needs.​​​​​

The Gibbs Law Firm, LLC has a technology law attorney to assist you with your business needs. Contact GLF today.

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