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As a tenant, you have certain rights in respect to the property that you are renting from your landlord. It is critically important that you know and understand these rights, and correspondingly, how to exercise them. Often times, however, tenants sign a lease agreement without a full working knowledge of the terms and conditions, thereby obligating themselves in ways that they are neither aware of nor appreciate at the time of execution. By the time these tenants figure out their mistake, it may already be too late.


Don't be pressured into signing something you haven't read or don't understand. Get help. Seeking the advise of legal counsel to review your lease agreement before a problem arises. Likewise, if a dispute with your landlord already exist, don't be taken advantage of, obtain the assistance of legal counsel to help you effectively advocate your position



The Gibbs Law Firm, LLC, a Rockville law firm engages in a broad based approach to counseling and representation of landlords. The firm aids its clients in preparing customized residential and commericial leasing agreements designed to protect the rights and interests of its clients. The firm counsels its clients regarding appropriate landlord actions in the context of most common landlord/tenant issues and problems. The firm also represents its clients in court actions relating to the repossession of distress for rent and breach of lease claims.


Call The Gibbs Law Firm, LLC to speak with a landlord tenant lawyer. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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