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For many otherwise law abiding citizens, serious traffic violations are the only criminal offenses that they will ever be accused of committing. A short drive home after a few too many drinks at a social gathering or networking event, a quick ride to the store after failing to make timely payment on those pesky outstanding traffic tickets, or even taking over the wheel for a while to relieve the “authorized driver” of a rental car although you did not ensure your name was added to the list of persons permitted to drive it, all can have severe consequences. First, each of these major traffic violations expose drivers to potential jail time; secondly, significant fines can be imposed upon conviction, and insurance premiums may also be substantially increased as well. Finally, in addition to the looming prospect of incarceration and high fines, drivers are also subject to the assessment of harsh administrative sanctions consisting of the assessment of points, ranging from 3 to 12, that can and, likely will, suspend your license to drive.


For instance, driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) carries a maximum penalty of one (1) year of incarceration and up to a $1000 fine and driving while impaired by alcohol (DWI) carries a maximum penalty of two months of incarceration and up to a $500 fine for first offenders. Similarly, a maximum penalty of sixty (60) days to one (1) year of incarceration may be imposed for driving with a suspended license and a maximum penalty of sixty (60) days of incarceration may be imposed for unauthorized use of a rented motor vehicle; penalties that if imposed, almost certainly could jeopardize most job situations – especially those requiring security clearance.


With the potential for an adverse impact on employment, finances, and personal liberty hanging in the balance, clients are encouraged to contact The Gibbs Law Firm, LLC immediately to preserve your rights and obtain the best outcome possible based upon the specific facts and circumstances of your case. We provide our clients with an experienced traffic attorney licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia (DC) to assist with your matter.

Major traffic violations include the following:

  • Driving on suspended license

  • Driving on revoked license

  • Driving without insurance

  • Unauthorized use of rented motor vehicle

  • Hit & run

    • Leaving the scene of an accident w/ injury

    • Leaving the scene of an accident w/ property damage.

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